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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 17, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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valdez has been around a while. and gets a base hit here. on two-strike count. sergio romo, remember the driving rain in san francisco. game seven. this is matt holiday. and marco scutaro looking up into that rain. scutaro, mvp. of the championship series. that moment, the giant won the national league pennant. a celebration began on a very, very wet field. >> mike: it was surreal as to how wet it was. rain was coming down. and it was, matt halladay, who i thought had a play to turn the whole series around when he took out marco scutaro at second. we thought at the time, it is his season with a knee injury,
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sprained his knee. he stayed in and stayed in the series. >> jon: 14 hits and 28 at-bats. >> mike: and a pop-up from holiday to scutaro. >> jon: more than just a little irony. rockies spent jim wright, pitching coach out to the mound. now game five in cincinnati, sergio romo. and scott rolland, down on strikes. that was his 35th pitch. he worked hard to get through that one. >> mike: i thought the body block that romo laid on it, i never saw that, who was that? someone came around the pile and got smoked. >> jon: we'll have to find out who was down with an injury all through the winter.
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>> mike: you smoke your teammate in celebration. oh, well, it was all good. >> jon: quiroz. >> mike: i never saw that before. or at least never noticed it. >> jon: probably add couple of good bruises as souvenirs in that post season. now walt weiss will go out, danny rosenbaum, left-hander, and this is the spot where he would bring in a left-hander. two-run lead in the ninth inning.
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>> mike: he is a right-hander -- >> jon: and rosey in a spot where he would use a left-hander. hot hitter brandon belt can coming you up. we'll be right back. for your first day?
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yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> jon: last of the ninth inning. giants fans still hanging in there. cactus league. sunday, st. patrick's day, 2013.
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she and the little one, they've got their rally caps on. >> mike: oh, yeah, they are feeling it here on st. patrick's day. got to feel lucky on st. patrick's day. >> jon: there is dan rosenbaum. >> mike: having a good solid spring. no strikeouts. >> jon: .250 against him. and two men on, nobody out. just off the outside. >> mike: rosenbaum, the way it works, if you bring a guy over, he has to make your team. if you don't include him on your roster, you have to offer him back to his previous team. but the rockies, they are thinking this guy is legit, thinking he will be part of the
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club. they like him. >> jon: a lot of base runners. 14 hits and received four walks. but only five runs. 2-1. keeping the ball down. 3 hits for the giants today and 14 at-bats with runners in scoring position. brandon belt has had two hits, single leading off the fourth and rbi double with two down. in the fifth, walked these last time. and the outside, and that's -- belt argued with him about a call like that in the first inning and again here in the ninth inning. >> mike: see how wide they took the target and see how wide they catch the call. if it caught the corner, it wasn't very big. adam schwartz strike zone, he has it on both sides of the plate, at the knees. >> jon: going out there again.
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up the middle, base hit. valdez will score. going around to third, brandon belt, has had disagreements with the plate umpire today but also had three hits and two rbis. been on base four straight times. and the possible time is now third base with nobody on. >> mike: they set up outside and put it pretty much where they want to on the outside corner. brandon belt, they went out there once and got the strike and good out there again. look it away. out the middle. two strikes away. >> jon: cole gallespie, possible winning run. nobody out. rosenbaum and breaking ball for
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the strike. i think it was interesting the way you describe the whole thing because belt was putting it back together. about what pitch you would be likely to throw based on what it had seen and what the umpire was giving and he was absolutely right. one ball one strike. to gallespie. rockies had more activity. now the giant have activity in the bullpen. >> mike: so apparently, if they tie, we will have extra innings. which they haven't had this spring. nine innings has generally been the limit. one time in the spring, playing three straight times, there's the dirt on the inside. nice save there, by gustvo
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molina, the catcher. quiroz is the runner, and he is not very fast. gillespie has gone cold with the bat here lately. 2-2. bouncing it over to the rockies dugout. out on deck for the giants, the pitcher due next is adam duvall, oh, no, sorry, that's ryan lawless. i got a little excited. because duvall has been very impressive. very powerful guy. played at san jose last year. >> mike: had an rbi yesterday, including a home run. >> jon: 3-2. that one is hit deep into left center field. way back there is clearry.
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and it's a home run. cole gillespie got one into the jet stream and right out of the yard for a game-ending home run. so quir o oz and belt score ahead of him and gillespie tags the plate. final score, 9-7 giant. four-run, ninth inning. and cole gillespie trying to win a spot on this club. >> mike: well, that's how you put an impression in your manager's mind, get a walk-off home run. high hanger right at the belt. and gillespie knew as soon as he hit it. goes right into a trot. folks, time to go home and that's how you have a happy st. patrick's day. see ya!
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>> jon: and there it was, over the wall. that's no cheapy in this ballpark. so 9-7, giants and the 11,756, sell-out crowd, and they celebrate. a giants come back in the ninth, making sergio romo, the winning pitcher, rosenbaum takes the loss, 9-7, giants. 16 hits for giants. 12 for rockies. and so, giants now, with a lot of reason to celebrate, with a nice win. get a day off tomorrow. >> mike: and second off day. rare second off day in spring training. and today a lot of good things happen. od work day for tim lincecum. made adjustments. starting off high in the zone. and big days for hunter pence and brandon belt. >> jon: tune into comcast
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sportsnet bay area. we'll be back with you on nbc bay area friday night, march 29th from at&t park. the giant and a's. a little bay bridge series exhibition action at 7:00 telecast on friday, march 29th. we hope you will join us then. now, for mike krukow and dave flemming, and our colleague duane kuiper, i'm jon miller. the giants win 9-7 here in the desert. now from scottsdale, happy st. patrick's day to you and yours.
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right now at 6:00, tragedy on the racetrack near sacramento. a race car tracks into the pit, killing two people. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm diane zaire.
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we are learning more about the victims and the 17-year-old driver. we have more from the racetrack in marysville. >> reporter: witnesses at marysville speedway say the driver was doing warmup laps whether his car entered the pit area, hitting and killing two people. >> this is a total tragedy. it really is, it hits the heart really bad. >> reporter: a tragedy echoing through the racing community. >> sad that this happened. a risk that we take when we go racing. >> reporter: nascar team owner bill mcnally could not comment on this crash specifically, but said this is one of the many tracks they compete on before competing in nascar. he has earned seven championships according to his website. in an accident like this, will the driver's age be called into
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question? >> i will tell you, it's something very common. we're seeing in the whole world of motorsports. young drivers, i mean, you can be 15 years old and race nascar. i would say you can't hinge it on the driver's age, no way. >> in nascar, the most common reason fora driver to lose control is a stuck throttle. >> a lot of things with the throttle could get hung up and hold it wide open. >> reporter: the sheriff's department say 68-year-old dale wonderjam and marcus johnson were standing near each other in the pit area. april goreham is from a racing family and prior to races, she has been asked to sign a waiver in the pit area. >> to be in the pit area itself, you have to sign a waiver, whatever happens here, the track is not liable for.
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>> more on that story on nbc bay area news at 11:00. oakland police are trying to sort out the details of a nine-hour standoff in the fruit vail district. 1:30 this morning, two shooting victims came into a hospital, one later died. the house on 25th avenue and international boulevard sparked a standoff that didn't end until 11:30 this morning. the afternoon was spent questioning several people in the house. >> there were a number of people in the home, when we got here, we evacuated. they are out, trying to find -- find out who was involved and what their actual role was. in this particular incident. >> one person was arrested and just a short time ago, the mercury news reported that he is, in fact, a suspect in those shootings. the second victim is in serious condition. law enforcement agencies are out in force trying to keep drunk drivers off the record.
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nbc bay area monty francis has that story. >> reporter: you can expect a number of dui checkpoints across the bay area, including two here in san jose. the reality is, today for many people is a day devoted to drinking. in fact, just about an hour ago, we stopped by rosey mccann's at santana road where people were enjoying st. patrick's day with friends, drinking a lot of green beer and taking shots of whiskey. south bay police department, santa clara county sheriff's department and the highway patrol are on high alert, making sure those folks and others like them don't get behind the wheel. a few of the people out celebrating tonight told us along with the fun comes an obligation to be responsible. >> definitely call a taxi, get a friend to drive you home. call your mom, whatever you need to do to be safe. >> for the most part i think so. like everyone is pretty much trying to be smart. they don't want to get too
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stupid. >> if you are caught driving under the influence, you could face jail time, court fines, and the possible loss of your california driver's license. designated driver or plan to take a taxi home. in you're in fran, luxor cabs is offering free rides between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m., and the enforcement period in santa clara county runs until midnight tonight. live in knowledge, monty francis, nbc bay area news. two san francisco giants will feel right at home as the final round of the world baseball classic kicks off at at&t park. >> leave look at the ballpark, where thousands of baseball fans from around the world are gat r gathering to watch puerto rico take on japan. angel pagan plays for the puerto rican team and tomorrow, santiago castillea will take on the netherlands. the two winning teams will play for the title on tuesday. >> we'll be right back.
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meteorologist rob maeta here with the forecast. >> temperatures in the ffrts and 60s. pretty pleasant outside. we are seeing a large plume from the fire burning near sherman island. smoke being carried toward stockton, sacramento. sea breeze is back. temperatures to the 50s this evening. and high clouds will fill in
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during the day tomorrow. overall, monday will look a lot like today. increasing high clouds through the afternoon and very likely mostly cloudy skies. heading into the evening. temperatures tomorrow running a little bit cooler, we'll start off in the 40s. by lunchtime, 50s to low 60s, and highs for most of the bay area tomorrow in the mid to upper 60s. the changes we'll start to see, not impacting your monday, tuesday and wednesday, the system still on track to begin some light rainfall at times. we go to tuesday afternoon to wednesday. and seeing the rain spreading across the south bay. into the north bay, steadiest rain tuesday night on into wednesday morning. as soon as it splits off toward the east, the second half of the forecast warmer and drier as we head toward next weekend. rainfall projections, tuesday to wednesday, mainly a half inch of rain or less. not a big soaking event, but much needed. hopefully will knock down some of the pollen we're experiencing for the last couple of days. tomorrow, extra high clouds, coming in.
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slight drop in temperatures as we go to tuesday and wednesday, this is when the rain starts to come back, should pick up probably as early as the late morning. through the evening tuesday into wednesday. you will see rain changing over to showers, temperatures drop off for the middle part of the week, spring starts second half of the week. pretty appropriate. temperatures jump on up to the 70s, as early as friday. and likely by next weekend, mid to upper 70s out there, but quite possible we could get close to 80 degrees by next weekend. much-needed rain, and snow about 6,000 feet. pretty try as we look toward next week. time for sports. >> the exfinity sportsdesk. madness crept into the bay area. march madness and selection sunday, the day every college basketball team learns its ncaa fate. start with st. mary's, and, yes, good news for the st. mary's
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team. they made it by the skin of the teeth will take on middle tennessee state. and the quadfinished 27-6 on the season. all, the cal bears in the eastern region, setting up a rematch with unlv. they fell by a single point to the running rebels in december. and they finish with a 20-11 record. they are in, now they just have to win, guys. one last check of the forecast. you mentioned rain, mentioned snow. quite not as remarkable as all that. >> compared to what we are used to seeing. >> can i interrupt and say you are not wearing green. >> olive green right here. >> oh, that's really important when we're talking about it. >> if i wore kermit green, i would be i visible. >> we learned that the hard way. >> that would be fun.
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>> green on the radar, tuesday into wednesday, upper 60s, near 70 for one more day. rain starts to come in. probably not going to impact tuesday morning commute. but as we head through the afternoon, there is the green showing up. rain tapering off to wednesday morning. but a pretty dry looking forecast. and you consider, this time year, storms could drop an inch or two of rain, this one, if we're lucky, a half inch of rain, which we hope will rinse the skies of the pollen. allergies have been horrible. the mcsweeney index up to 10 with the pollen count. temperatures coming down too. next weekend, 70s and 80s for the first weekend of spring. next saturday and sunday. >> all right. rob, thanks very much. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. see you back tonight at 11:00. >> fogood night. >> happy st. patrick's, everybody. >> yes, happy st. patrick's.
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♪ >> the countdown to the 34th america's cup has already begun and is now less than eight months away. larry elephant's new vision for the cup is all about 72-foot wave


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